Frank M. Hasel, PhD

Frank is a theologian and author. He loves to explore the vast riches of the Bible and likes to learn from the wisdom of other people. He relishes meaningful conversations and enjoys communicating life-giving truths in intellectually compelling and engaging ways. God's loving forgiveness and grace makes him feel feather-light and firmly grounded.

He believes that the teachings of the Bible promote human flourishing and enhance every aspect of life.

"Any type of work can be meaningful. 

It's the spirit in which you do it

that makes the difference." 

Sue Bender



How to Interpret Scripture explores the role of the Bible in Christian life and explains in simple to understand language, yet with substantial depth, how to properly interpret the Bible. It deals with questions about the origin and nature of the Bible, Jesus and the Apostles view of the Bible, the different sources in theology, what it means when we say that we go by Scripture alone (sola scriptura), why interpretation is needed, how do deal with difficult passages, how to live by the Word of God, and much more. It is a valuable resource that can help to understand current trends in biblical interpretation in the church.


How To Interpret Scripture

What does it mean to live by, or follow, the Bible? There's an old saying which says, "We learn best by doing what we learn." So it is with Bible reading and study. What can we expect will happen if we consistently pour over scripture with an open heart? To answer that question, we invite you to watch the final week's lesson in our 13-week series on How to Interpret Scripture with Pastor Chad Stuart and Dr. Frank Hasel. It's been a joy to share these conversations with you, and we pray that they have been helpful in your own study and spiritual growth. If so, would you do us a favor and leave a comment below? We'd love to hear from you.


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