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Frank M. Hasel, PhD

Frank is a theologian and author. He loves to explore the vast riches of the Bible and likes to learn from the wisdom of other people. He relishes meaningful conversations and enjoys communicating life-giving truths in intellectually compelling and engaging ways. God's loving forgiveness and grace makes him feel feather-light and firmly grounded.

He believes that the teachings of the Bible promote human flourishing and enhance every aspect of life.


"Any type of work can be meaningful. 

It's the spirit in which you do it

that makes the difference." 

Sue Bender




This extremely practical book explores the beauty of simple biblical virtues such as gratitude, courage, patience, humility, contentment, fair-mindedness, and much more. It contains true stories and practical tips to help you apply these virtues to your life and relationships. These virtues will enlarge the quality of our relationships and elevate the level of our social abilities because they are ultimately living expressions of God’s character. When manifested in our lives, they bring healing to others and glory to God.


What do you want to be remembered for?
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Living for God

If you could choose only two qualities that you would like to be remembered for at the end of your life, two words that depict what you stood for, what would you choose. You can find out what quality I would choose if you watch my short video.


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