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Here you find some of my recently published books.
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Seventh-day Adventists are committed to using Scripture alone as the foundation for our beliefs. Our theology is shaped by the Biblical Hermeneutics used. Twelve Adventist scholars and theologians explore crucial aspects of Biblical interpretation from a Seventh-day Adventist perspective. From their wide-ranging exploration of important aspects of Biblical Hermeneutics, they draw out essential Biblical principles for interpreting Scripture. The present volume is a significant guide to the understanding of Adventist Hermeneutics and a valuable resource for anyone wanting to understand the Bible better.


This extremely practical book explores the beauty of simple biblical virtues such as gratitude, courage, patience, humility, contentment, fair-mindedness, and much more. It contains true stories and practical tips to help you apply these virtues to your life and relationships. These virtues will enlarge the quality of our relationships and elevate the level of our social abilities because they are ultimately living expressions of God’s character. When manifested in our lives, they bring healing to others and glory to God.
excellent book


Longing for God is a unique Prayer and Bible Journal that focuses on God and His Word as the foundation of our relationship with Him. It helps you to engage with Scripture in a meaningful and personal way. A Bible reading plan with passages from the OT and NT leads you through the entire Bible in one year. At the end of every month you will find practical suggestions about prayer that provide new spiritual impulses that will enrich your spiritual life with God and your relationship with others. It will open up new horizons for your own quiet time with God.
Sehnsucht nach Gott 🇩🇪 
Sehnsucht nach Gott 🇦🇹 
Sehnsucht nach Gott 🇨🇭 


How to Interpret Scripture explores the role of the Bible in Christian life and explains in simple to understand language, yet with substantial depth, how to properly interpret the Bible. It deals with questions about the origin and nature of the Bible, Jesus and the Apostles view of the Bible, the different sources in theology, what it means when we say that we go by Scripture alone (sola scriptura), why interpretation is needed, how do deal with difficult passages, how to live by the Word of God, and much more. It is a valuable resource that can help to understand current trends in biblical interpretation in the church.
Wie kann ich das verstehen? 🇩🇪 
Wie kann ich das verstehen? 🇦🇹 
Wie kann ich das verstehen? 🇨🇭 
Cómo interpretar las escrituras 🇪🇸 
Como entender a Bíblia 🇵🇹 



In a time when wars and war-like conflicts are on the global rise, there is an urgent need to reflect more fully on the role of Christ’s followers as conscientious agents of peace and as conscientious objectors to all forms of violence. By candidly looking at the biblical evidence in the Old and New Testament and by learning from Church History and our own history, the authors of this book address various challenges of military service and try to recover the spirit of the early Christian Church and of Jesus Christ on this issue.
It contains the most complete list of all official Church documents on war and military service that were published by the SDA church from its beginning to the present as well as a comprehensive list of major publications and resources that were written by Seventh-day Adventists. It will be the definite reference work on this subject for years to come.



Scripture has always played an important role in Christian theology. This study originally was accepted as a Ph.D. dissertation and provides an issue oriented overview of the concepts of Scripture in Protestant theology from the 16thcentury Reformation onward. It then sets forth the concepts of Scripture in the theologies of two leading contemporary systematic theologians: Wolfhard Pannenberg and Donald G. Bloesch. It analyzes, compares and evaluates the theological and anthropological presuppositions that have influenced their concept of Scripture and explores the question why despite their appeal to Scripture they arrive at significantly different conclusions.

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