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Are you driven or called?

There is a significant difference between being driven to do something for God or being called to do it.

People who are driven to work for God are like Saul. Without the personal and life transforming experience

with the living God, Saul was driven to be active for what he thought was the right cause. In his drivenness he was restless. In his drivenness he was zealous. In his drivenness he was ruthless. In his drivenness he actually destroyed the church. But in all his religiously driven crusading he did not have the peace of heart and mind that only comes when you are called!

After Saul had encountered the living Jesus on his way to Damascus and committed his life to Him, he was able to live in response to God’s gracious call. The result was a radically different kind of life and ministry.

A ministry where Paul would share his amazing experience of God’s forgiving grace. A ministry where he would write and speak about the living God of Scripture and the good news about Jesus Christ our savior. A ministry that helped to build up the church rather than tearing it down. A ministry that had God at its center rather than his own proliferation.

God’s grace did not lead Paul to be idle, nor did it make him lazy. God’s grace cheered him on and helped him not to get discouraged. It gave his life new meaning. God’s grace made His ministry effective. Responding to God’s gracious call enabled Paul to be God’s witness and to give God all the glory.

What person do you want to be? Are you driven or are you called?


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