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Recently I have tried to simplify my life a bit by decluttering many of my shirts, and T-Shirts, and trousers, and socks that have crowded my wardrobe over the past several years. Believe it or not, I have donated five (!) bags full of clothes and I am a bit ashamed to say that my wardrobe is still well-stocked… It was amazing and humbling to realize how much I possess - and how little I actually regularly use. To get rid of a number of my clothes made me realize that the quality of life can be so much more - with less! I also realized that simplicity takes courage and time. Actually it is a journey of a lifetime that involves far more than decluttering a few things from my wardrobe. I am not so good at getting rid of things but I don’t regret the time I spent in decluttering some of my clothes (and there is need for so much more to be reduced …). It made me realize that I don’t want my legacy to be containers full of stuff. I want my legacy to be memories how I loved and how I impacted other people for the better. I much rather want to create memories in beautiful nature and through meaningful encounters with other people than collecting meaningless stuff I better leave behind. After all, abundance is a full heart - not a full house. And when you decide to collect experiences rather than things you never run out of storage space. That is good news! Where would you like to simplify your life? What do you want to declutter from your life to create more room for the things that matter to your heart?


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